Olia Bseiso - Stained Glass, Wood Burning, and Embroidery

Full of exquisite masterpieces, Olia Bseiso's home and studio in Amman, Jordan, look more like a museum than an ordinary house. Oil paintings, burnt wood pieces, embroidered cushions and stained glass are only some of the items on display inside the residence.

Olia was born in Russia in 1958 and moved to Jordan in the early 1980s after completing her higher education in Moscow. She earned a Master of Science in Engineering in 1981, and also studied at the Moscow National University of Fine Art, where she participated in a number of exhibitions. She also held more than 20 exhibitions around the world.

Examples of Olia's work can be found in many private collections spread across all continents. Owners of these private collections include royalty, dignitaries, and other prominent people.